How should I merge two Projects?

Same movie.

Somewhere on the way I made a mistake, Probably when moving the project to another studio for ADR.
When back to my studio, I notice something is wrong - That i have the new project with ADR session but without TONS of sounds and SFX i already done.
I went back in the history of the projects and found out that I have to different folders -
one old(with all the old material)
Second, new with ADR plus lots of work I already did plus new cut of the movie.

  • For some reason, While doing Backup for the ADR session, it didnt save lots of sounds and editing.

I want to stick to the new one - it has the ADRs, it has the Final cut of the movie, and I also gave it extra work.
I want to find the easiest way to take all the material from the old project (folder, material) and merge it into the new one.

I can export the tracks bla bla bla, but it is very time consuming - Is there more easy way to merge projects and be sure that ALL the audio and edits are in the SAME folder?

It will be a great help for me…

thanx :ugeek:

File->Import->Audio Tracks from Project
is your friend.

Unfortunatly Im on 6.5…

Any other option?

You can drag&drop events from one project to other. Select the entire area you want to copy and drag all events to the other. For same timecode copying you can make an empty event into the first track you want to copy at origin, so you can drag all these events to origin on the other project.