How should I register Cubase 9.


I have just purchased Cubase 9 E for my grandson and would like to download the program now.

There is not an address or instructions how or where to download it.

I just see the Licence info on the card that comes with the dongle (no CD).

The Download access codes are there, but nowhere to get it. I only see the trial version at

I already have Elementary 9.20 registered on a dongle but will sell this once I get the 9 set up ready to tutor the yougun’.

My question is/are…

  1. Where do I go to get the download or do I download the trial then activate it with the download access codes?

  2. How do I register it on the new Dongle so it does not get mixed up with the Elementary licence on that dongle which will be sold?

Would appreciate some instruction.


Elements allow to use soft eLicenser, no dongle needed - but then tied to a machine.
This can be dragged and dropped onto a licenser key later.
Or use the regular eLicenser and put license on key(as you already have done before with your previous key)

But trial is said not to require register even.

So you could do trial (even without register as I understand). Or if some period is prolonged if register, don’t remember.

Then if a licenser key is present it will run as full version.
Have a vague memory some more downloads are available if having registered on MySteinberg account(and also holds full installs).

So your own key and the new one can be used as required - once you moved the new license to the new key.

Thanks I’ll give that a go…

When I bought my full version of Cubase 9 Pro, I registered and downloaded the software. It gave me a download code to use with the dongle to use the software. Since I bought fuil version it came with the dongle in the box. You will need to download the USB driver software from Steinberg site to use the dongle.


I do have the new dongle that cane in the CB 9 Pro box.

So where do I register the new dongle?

Then, should I register it in my name as the buyer or my grandsons name whom I bought it for.

As I said I am already registered for an old SEX and now the Elem 9.02.

Sorry but a bit confused. Will re-read the post Larioso kindly put up.

Maybe create a new MySteinberg account and later change email address for that for your gift. Ready for him to use.

Steinberg approach is a bit confusing, you don’t get everything done i eLicenser software.
So first get license on key with eLicenser software.
Then goto MySteinberg and register that key and code(don’t remember what they call it) for elements.
Then all download stuff should be available. Some parts are left out for trial.

Thanks again. Will try tomorrow morning. Cannot do any damage by trying I guess :slight_smile:

With the help of the local rep we got it done. All good !

I have the software downloaded and the long number. I have an old license for AI4. It is out of date I believe. How can I get the trial version activated to decide if I want to get back into the Cubase game?