how should I save project of C6.5 as for open it inC 6 es

Hi, guys , what I am trying to rich is: to use my Cubase on two different PC’s at the same time.
I really think that it is ridiculouse to force customers to buy another Cubase, but this is not a subject of my post.
I use Cubase on 1st PC as a primary - I do everything on it .
I often got the situation when I record a singer who might leave me 20 or more of takes to choose of every part of song.
I really want to be focused on making new arrangements and in mean time ask my wife to chose those vocal takes on my second PC, so
using Cubase on second PC might be only for edition audio tracks
that’s why
the idea to install C essential on second PC seems to be not bad…
but can C essential 6 read projects saved fromC 6.5? I mean what if I save it like OMF or just make one stereotrack of music and save it together as a smaller project?
I mean I am just trying to not waist enegry for making tracks and uploading everything back… is it possible?
any Ideas?

No, but congrats on enlisting the wife as a helper. :slight_smile:


Really? I know Cubase never has backward compatibility, but with 6.5 and 6 I would’ve thought the .cpr files could be interchanged. This, considering 6.5 was more of a ‘step further in 6’ than a real new version…