How should I sell a Groove Agent 5 license which has been migrated

I migrated to dongle free version my GA5, it is working ok, but I still see the old version on the e-licenser
Groove Agent 5 (Upgraded to Groove Agent 5 with Steinberg Licensing)

What will happen to this if I sell my GA5 license ?
Should I also send the e-licenser with this blocked seed ?

Thanks but I know this and there is no answer to my question : what happens to the e-licenser part of the license ??? Does it disappear by miracle ?


You saw this button on the website, click it, the info will be revealed.


Again, thanks … but I have already done this and found no answer to my question in the various screens up to the final one of this small expert…
It is just valid for New licenses or e-licenser based old ones, but not for migrated ones where a part stay on the e-licenser.

Not sure what you clicked on. Go to the website and click on the Start Resale Wizard button. The info is on the first popup.