How should I use the Mix knob on UR22 mk2?

Hello fellow UR users. :sunglasses:

For a month or 2 now I have been using the Steinberg UR22 mk2, and as a novice guitar player, I’m very happy with it. There’s one thing I don’t understand: the mix INPUT / DAW knob. What is it supposed to? To me, it sounds like it only increases/decreases volume, whilst I’m expecting it to either mute my PC sound or my instrument sound. Can someone explain?

My setup is:

  • Mac mini
    UR22 mk2
    Adam Audio T5V monitor speakers (2 pcs)
    Jackson electrical guitar, plugged into LINE2 using HI-Z
    Running Tonebridge for guitar effects
    Using Yousician for backing tracks / learning to play guitar

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

It’s quite simple really. when it is turned towards input, the signal you hear is bypassing the route through the daw. When recording most musicians prefer a setting closer to the “input” side - as it reduces the latency you hear while playing which can trip some musicians up because of the audible delay. You might already guess that turning the knob torwards DAW is returning the full trip signal through the computer, a more appropriate setting when mixing your music and want to hear the plugins and/or adjustments you’ve made to the track. settings in between extreme left (input) and right (daw) are a blend between the two.

hope that helps.

Hi m00t, thanks for explaining. If I understand you correctly, INPUT means your instrument, in a direct way. And DAW means your computer.

In my setup, the computer produces guitar effects, using ToneBridge and Garage Band.

With that in mind, does turning towards INPUT mean I no longer hear my guitar effects, but should still hear the pure input?

Thnx a bunch.

I think you got it. Now try it out is the best way to complete the learning circle.
this is from the UR22 manual

Mix knob
Adjusts the signal level balance between the signal from the analog input jacks and the signal from an application software, such as DAW. This control does not affect the signal sent to the computer

glad I could help

Thanks. I guess the fact that I’m using apps on my Mac (the DAW in this case) to produce guitar sounds, means that’s automatically the volume too, and that’s what’s been confusing me.