how? show in file explorer wav from the project Window

I know where files are but i would prefer if had had a chance to simply select wav file in the project window and to open in finder (windows explorer , or whatever) the selected file. Is there a way to do so? or macro idea

Thanks a lot!

I have found none and its maddening as its ridiculously simple to implement. Granted, I’m still on 7.5 (bcse 8 no workee for me)…but I don’t think they added it in 8 either.

it’s hard to believe, let’s see if someone comes with an idea.

You can do this from the Pool q.v.

Therefore you could perhaps indeed write a macro for yourself - try it. :wink:

will check!

Would you mind telling me where i can find the “open file in finder” option in the pool window? i can’t find it

upa upa!

In the pool right click the file and youll see it in the popup menu (Im on windows and it says Show in explorer)

Or Media/Show in Explorer (It works in the Pool window)

You also have a keycommand for it (search for it in the File/Key command area.)

You can create a macro:

  1. Find selected in pool keycommand
  2. Show in Explorer keycommand

apperently on my system i can’t see that option on the pool window :frowning: OSX mavericks cubase 64 bit 7.5.3

What am i doing wrong? (see attachment) , i feel dummy

Strange. Maybe OSX has a different option. Open File/Key Commands window and try to search for Show in finder.

i see , wasn’t expecting this would be a version 8 feature.
Thanks a lot

Just noticed youre using 7.5. It doesnt have Show in explorer option. Cubase 8 has this option.

you ediited your signature now :wink: thanks

Yes sorry, it was a bit outdated. :slight_smile:

I just noticed that in v7.5 if you go to media bay/mini browser and navigate to your project folder, when you right click there is a show in explorer option(but strangely not in the pool window), but its not very convenient since you have to navigate manually.