How stable is cubase 9.5 right now?

I’m thinking of upgrading to 9.5 from 9 but I really don’t want to upgrade into something that is very buggy.

So how is it so far?

Totally stable on both my systems. Then again I’ve not had any real stability problems since version 6 I think (maybe a few in the first release of 8).

Fairly stable for me too on 9.5.1. Occasional crash but thats always the case.

The Direct Offline Processing function though is currently extremely buggy. Particularly when processing Auto tune on clips of audio. If you rely on processing audio I’d be wary. The only thing is your V9 install will be left alone so you can go back to 9 on the same system if you find you have issues

Ok so far sounds good!

Mostly very stable for me, with a few bugs here there. But Cubase has always been quite stable for me even with immense composing sessions, since I started with C8.

Further to mentions of problems with DOP, I admit I’ve barely used it following reports of others issues with it.

Most stable version so far for me.

Running on quite powerful system.
All plugs are legitimate - I think some cracks cause some folks undocumented problems - not suggesting anyone here is doing that! :slight_smile:

Since I’ve gone to 9.5, I had a number of 12+ hour days mixing projects with tons of plugs and tracks, with every plug set to its highest quality settings, Cubase on 64bit processing, nothing frozen, and even when we pushed the ASIO meter to a continuous 95+%, we never suffered a single spike or click at any time. Personally, I’ve never seen Cubase this stable, both in the lack of crashes, and in the rock solid ASIO performance.

In fact the other day, I accidentally left my ASIO set to 1.4ms (tracking) latency at 96KHz (16 samples) and was mixing a middle sized job without problems. Quite funny I thought. Cubase didn’t falter. It was only that I noticed the ASIO meter creeping up earlier than usually which alerted me to the ASIO setting.

I’ve also tried 9.5Pro on a machine with less than a 1/4 of the processing power of my current machine, and it was still rock solid. Obviously those complex jobs would require some freezing on the slower machine, but that given, still no crackles or spikes.

I should just say that at this time I do not use offline processing at all due to its poor functional spec IMO at this time. It’s just too difficult to ascertain what processing you have done to segments if you apply it to anything other than a whole audio part.

Most stable version in years for me. Only recall one crash since release day. Amazing!

Very stable once running but have a few crashes when opening some songs. Probably plugin related

Cant use yet here. Always crashes when trying to save so still trying to work it out. Moved back to 9 for now.

It’s as stable as 9.0 for me.

No problem at all here, very stable!

I still have the occasional issue that Cubase crashes when closing then loading within the program. Otherwise no other issues.

Well…there are definitely crashes (Poof, disappearing crashes) at times, but they seem pretty random and don’t happen often at all, though a little more than 9. It’s always on very large projects.

C9.5 is about the same as prior versions. Regarding stability, I have never noticed any version much worse than any other version since Cubase VST32. Most of my PC’s have been built specifically for a DAW.

Would any PC experts care to elaborate 3 scenarios about my occasional “crash” on my system?

  1. Working in Cubase only and the mouse freezes. There is no error message from Cubase. You are able to ctr+alt+delete, and in the Task Manager, click on Cubase to end the program.

  2. Working in Cubase only and the mouse freezes. There is an error message saying “something has gone wrong please try to save…” Sometimes you can save, other times you can’t and you have to exit Cubase, then restart. I’ll assume this is a crash prompted by Cubase?

  3. Working in Cubase only and the mouse freezes. There seems to be nothing you can do. You can’t open the Task manager. The only solution is the off or restart button on the PC. Should I curse Cubase?

In general, how would a crash be attributed to Cubase program instead of an issue that might have happened to any other programs on the same PC? I don’t know because Cubase, Wavelab, MidiQuest, and occasional stand-alone VST’s are about all I run on my studio PC.

It seems I read a lot of issues blamed on NVNDIA & GeForce. But they are also probably the most used video cards for DAW’s and gaming?

I have often wondered if the Cubase auto save is causing any issues. I have mine set to every 3 minutes with a maximum 5 saves. Is it true that auto save only works when Cubase is not in play mode?

Plenty of crashes here (macOS). They seem to be mostly related to using 50 or more Instances of Konkakt, at which point Cubase slows to a crawl, the UI takes about 3 seconds to respond to anything (if at all) and something as simple as moving a MIDI note in the piano roll will cause the crash.

The same project runs without issues in Studio One and Logic X.

AFAIK this is a Mac only issue though.

This is indeed the case.

Pretty Stable (no crashes) on C95 on Windows 10.
The only problem is the Jbridge sometimes hangs, but yeah not supported.
I am suppriced that C95 did not hang one time (only when i do really stupid things it might hang or crash).
So top notch c95.

Rock solid here with 9.5.10.
Haven’t really had any stability problems since version 7.

Question: I recently began using Cubase again, as it was necessary for some work we are doing with other off-site teams. I used it several years ago, but have been working mostly on Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Ableton (all generally within a year of the latest version, on the latest Windows and Mac OS). Maybe I am just lucky, but I have locked-up or crashed maybe once every several months, and generally mostly happens just with PT on Windows.

My question is: am I doing something wrong with Cubase as I typically crash or lock it up every week— at least once. I have been told to slow down my UI interactions/requests; but I find it hard to believe that a modern DAW on high end PC and Mac’s needs to be coddled. I have obviously done all the typical driver, plugins, OS tweaks and changes with tech support, but it never gets any better— only worse than the current best of at least 1-2 lockups or crashes every 20 hours or so of active use. Seems about equally stable on both platforms. Given professional studio needs, I can’t use something that makes live recording/tracking seem precarious to the team and the artists, as it is unprofessional and can be costly.
Any input/thoughts would be Greatly appreciated— thanks.