How t add SimmosSD5X E-drum to midi devices

Hi, I’ve been reading other forums and watching YouTube videos on how to add an electronic drum set to Cubase, but all solutions do not work for my drum set. I know it can’t be my drum set or Cubase, just my lack of understanding due to my newlines to the recording world. My drum set has two midi ports, one with the 5 pins and the other is a printer cable, I have both connected to my laptop and even tried using them one by one by for some Cubase isn’t picking it up. Could it be my soundcard? or am I looking in the wrong area. Its a Simmons electron drum set so I’m sure any of the models’ solutions would suffice. Thank you!

Your kit should be connected via the USB Port, it should then be recognized as a midi port in Cubase (in no case should you connect using both USB + 5 Pin simultaneously!). You can additionally connect the audio outs of the kit to the computer with audio cables. I haven’t a clue what you mean with a printer cable - I’m assuming you mean a USB cable such as one might use to connect a printer.
You don’t mention what soundcard you’re using. If you mean the one built into the laptop, then I doubt you have a MIDI port. I can’t even imagine how you are connecting the 5-pin MIDI out to the laptop :confused: Or do you have some other Interface - you don’t say.

Perhaps you could describe your connections and laptop + soundcard in a bit more detail.
Regardless, what I said at the beginning of the post is correct.

its a 5 pin midi to usb , the cable has both a midi in and midi out cord that leads to a usb, I plugged it in wrong yesterday, but now I’ve run into a new problem, Cubase picks up my drumset now but it does not pick up the sounds when I hit it. My soundcard is ruled out at this point.

Why? You don’t mention that it is even connected. The Audio is not sent over MIDI, it needs to be connected separately with audio cables.
Also, how is the midi local/thru status on the drums and your DAW set.