How the heck do I get an activation code for 6.5 trial?

I followed the instructions in the read me.
Went to My Steinberg Account, logged in.
Went to trial versions, tried to select the 6.5 trial as described in the readme, but nothing happened.
I went to the download link and that took me back to the original download area for the program files.
What am I missing?
I have the Elicenser ready, but cannot figure out how to request an activation code for the 6.5 trial.

When you get to the bit that says cubase 6.5 trial versions, click on the one for your OS it should then take you to a page that you fill in your name and email address.

I am a bonehead. The email link I received had the authorization number.
I need to slow down :slight_smile:

Speed Kills :laughing: