How the new Macbook Pro can handle Cubase 6 ?Fast Bench Test


we are many who wants to upgrade and buy the new macbook pro quad core so it would be so great if some of you who has already bought one could do a very fast bench test to compare how powerfull they actually are with Cubase 6.

  • set the latency buffer of the soundcard on 512

  • import 1 stereo audiofile or as many as you need

  • insert as many stereo cubase multiband compressors

how many can you have on before the sound gets distorted ?

As an example, here comes what happens with my “old” Macbook pro 2,4ghz core 2 duo / 2gb Ram :

Cubase 6 32 bits (I get the same results with Cubase 5) : 22 multiband compressors with the RME Babyface and 24 with the internal mac sound card which has the double latency time (!??)

Cubase 6 64 bits : 27 multiband compressors with the RME Babyface and 30 with the internal mac sound card (!??)

Thanx a lot in advance for doing the test and sharing your results — I know a lot of people are very interested to read your exepriences —
If anyone is using a Pc Quad Core Notebook under Windows 7, it would be very interesting to also know the results !

Cheers —


I was under the belief that 64bit is advantageous only when accessing more than 4gig of ram.

When using only 2 gig (as in your quote above) does 64bit have any advantages over 32bit?

To me 512 is more or less useless as benchmark point. It cant be used with comfort when playing VSTi’s or
using it as a live effect box for guitar. 192 for live stuff and 1024 for mixing.