How things work so far with 7.040 ?

Hi Guys,

As a rule I’ll not install this update till my ongoing jobs are delivered and approved on.
Running 7.035 gets my jobs done, and have most of my work arounds nailed down.
The “improvement” of the described handling of AAF errors interest me most .

Anyone could give pointer, observation or experience with that aspect ?

I’m between projects so I gave it a go.
On our 2 machines here it worked all day long without hiccups.
Cannot comment on aaf, really did not have any updates anymore for a while.

Working well here on Win 7/64. Hover behavior in the Mixer is def improved.

I also installed it right away, even if mid project (it’s not that big of a project so I thought I’d risk it). All well here on Mac El Capitan. I really like the Mixer hover behaviour. This alone was worth it. Cannot comment on AAF. I imported an AAF without problems on 7.0.35. So I don’t know where the difficult areas of interest are. No hiccups so far other than what was already broken and known work arounds still work.

I’m not so sure about VCAs thus far…

Actually, after about 15 minutes of testing I’m pretty sure they’re either still broken or whomever programmed it has a vastly different view on how they should work…

Preliminarily I’m so annoyed, upset and etc that I have to go blow off some steam. I’m going for a run, and when I get back I hope my computer has come to its senses, or that I have figured out what I did wrong…

At least it’s raining outside… :frowning: