How this kind writing is possible in Dorico (i want know for even for Pro) i mean how is done etc

there is slowing down/speeding up notation examples:
( i dont grab image becouse i think i need copyright in images what i share)

how such is done in Dorico if possible? or how replace if it is not or if way is obsolote way (want use most recent ways notate for my own music). Now i use Dorico 4 Elements but soon i can i get Dorico 4 Pro.

And also other not so common ways what are something harder than flam,drag and ruff. i need no more things.

You might be referring to feathered or fanned beams. These are described in the manual.

What i found seems you are correct exactly but when i have correct terms is harder. and then should remembered english is not my native tongue. And again there is reason upgrade to Pro. Elements does not allow wrote them.

Some members here at the forum might be able to answer your questions in your language, what is your language?

Finish. and i dont know actually term even my native tongue. but fanned beams is what i searched looked dorico manual looks exactly what i meaned. i have only exampel what is link what i provide what i want archive.

@MXHeppa It is called “Fanned Beaming” in Dorico, and it is very easy. All you do is select the beams you want to apply the effect to, right click, and select the appropriate option under Beaming>Create Fanned Beam.
fanned beam

Fanned beaming is indeed very easy and flexible, however it’s only available in Dorico Pro.

Much easier what i imagined. and makes me wonder how one kind what one people showed in local notation program group done where is even note values changes someway or somethine like it. what looks note spacing is bigger left and smaller right and changes smoothly in beetween.

offtopic: general reason why choiced Dorico is things are easy compared Finale. and bit easier than Sibelius even found even current Sibelius is easier understand to me when i looked than Finale. but Finale is unstable. and Notion dont have so many things. When i want compose orchestras,and complex stuff not band stuff. Notion playback is indeed partly better but i do music in daw (Studio One) and convert in notes in Dorico at least now.

Yes, you can do that too:

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 10.07.22 AM

  1. (note spacing mode gives you complete control)

  2. final
    Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 10.07.59 AM

(Adjusting note spacing at this granular level is also only available in Dorico Pro.)

For completeness sake, back in my Sibelius days I used to create progressive spacing by using tuplets, sometimes nested. It’s a bit laborious, but in large ensembles where messing with spacing messed with other staves, it paid off. In Dorico you can move a note column in a stave without affecting notes in other staves by adjusting the circle after clicking in the square.

Yes. And really, I could have also engraved this with all 16ths rather than with 8ths thru 32nds.

yes k know he showed what he done with Dorico. its simply note postion editing then? what is made before i this kind special beaming.

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As of Studio One 4.5/5, audio and midi are easily imported and exported between Notion 6 and Studio One from within either program. Im a fan of Notion, and its soundset, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the formatting ability of Dorico when it comes to scores/parts.

Yes exactly and has some bugs (all have but these are reason why i started compare others again) when i use 5/4 time signature when i need note what is whole measure does it 1/4 note and Whole note. not correct way what is if i rember correctl 1/2 and 1/2 dotted or 1/2 dotted and 1/2 with common beaming. i found many things why now focus Dorico even needs more work expect somethings like fixing this kind things. and no when change part beaming its still show it original way. To me perfect is beetween Dorico and Notion. and i feel most are easier add to Dorico these missing things (like jazz brass what plays doit etc). and for example good sound set its one it can developed with main company (in this case Steinberg but is not important) with 3rd party if too much for Steinberg itself. Honestly i dont mean Notion is bad even i we are Steinberg forum. i dont want say dislike any program fully. btw i feel Dorico gets best account modrn high resolution monitors.

No offense taken. I love Dorico, and in fact, use all 3 for different purposes🙂

Is not actually anyone here expect if there is people who also develop Notion…

No offense intended by this request, but, please could you post your comments/requests in your native/preferred language? I think your comments would receive better quality replies.

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En aina tunne käsitteitä muilla kielillä kuin englanniksi.