how to access 3rd party expression maps in Dorico

I have downloaded some third party expression maps to use with Garritan Instruments in Aria Player in Dorico. (the document extension is .expressionmap)

Where do I save these maps, and how do I access them from the place to choose the expression map (the list you get when you click the little gear icon in the VST Insts in Play Mode.) Thank you!

When in Play mode, access the Play menu on the system bar and select Expression Map Setup (paraphrasing from memory here). You’ll be able to import Cubase Expression Maps from there.

I’m afraid, at least for the time being, that you’ll have to import these in every project you need them. You can, however, export the whole library, so as to then import it in one go. Once you import them, they’ll be available to be selected in the VST setup — the little gear icon.

They are Garritan Insts expression maps, not Cubase Expression Maps, so when I click “Import Cubase Expression Map,” it doesn’t see it. Can I use the Garritan Expression Maps?

I’m not sure, as I don’t use Garritan. I thought you managed to get a hold of Cubase Expression maps for your libraries, since the Cubase format is .expressionmap as well. But if Dorico can’t open the file, then I’m afraid it won’t work.

I think the OP is asking where to store the expression maps in her Mac or Windows file folders.

Anywhere is fine. Since Dorico won’t (at least for now) automatically load anything into its xmap database bar the factory-shipped HSO maps, it doesn’t really matter. You should save them somewhere convenient and organized from the user’s point of view.

You can put them anywhere. In the expression map editor you can then import them into your score from wherever you have copied them.

Which 3rd party expression maps are available to export from Cubase?


Maybe my question wasn’t understood. Cubase will export expression maps? Does it have premade expression maps, or is it after you make some?

Some are available for download, but by no means for every library. You can export them from Cubase and import them into Dorico, but Dorico expression maps don’t work in the same way as Cubase ones, so only some information is imported. If you’re thinking about making your own expression maps for use in Dorico, you should make them in Dorico, not in Cubase.

Expression maps are the only thing in Dorico that drive me crazy. I have even paid for Cubase maps for my library from Artificial Harmonics hoping that with a few tweaks they would work. Nope, they LOOK like they should, all the right keys are in place but in practice they don’t react to the switching once you hit play. I really think that a comprehensive manual on these things would be helpful. I’ve tried making my own but it doesn’t work, it’s not my forte and because of the vastly different articulation algorhythms of the hunderds of libraries out there, resources on the internet are not over helpful. There seems to be one thourough vid on youtube but its in Italian! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Wizstudios. If you have a specific problem with getting some switches going, it’s probably best to post the specific case, e.g. a trivial project that contains your expression map and details of which switches aren’t working, and we’ll gladly take a look and see if we can figure out what’s up.