How to access Drums/Samples ?


How do i browse through my samples & use them in cubase 7 ? I have a folder of drums and sounds on my hard drive that i need to use to build drum beats … how can i access them ?

What would be ideal for me is if i can browser through samples and drag and drop into beat designer & or drag and drop samples into the sequencer.

For example in FL Studio … they have a file browser, which gives you access to the folders that are on your hard drive. And you can drag and drop samples into the step sequencer &/or audition sounds.

seriously, you can manage to log in and post in this forum but you’re apparently unable to research the most basic subject in the product manual or help files???


and yes, you should be ashamed.

oohhhhh what a classic ,this should be framed and pinned to the top of the forum …

I would go back to fruity loops as I have never seen any thing in Cubase to do what you require ,file browsers what are they ??? :laughing:
we only have mediabay but that’s most probably not what you want as it’s not called “file browser” :unamused: