How to access HALION ONE for Cubase LE 5

So, I have Cubase LE 5, and I would like to use HALION ONE but can’t seem to access it. It has Reverence right? I’ve only had Roomworks SE up until now, and would like to try something better. I found Halion One on the DVD and installed it, but am not sure how to access it. I also found a page on the Steinberg website with file directions but still didn’t lead anywhere.

Is there a way to access Reverence, or another Reverb plugin, on Halion One?

How can I use it in Cubase?


Cubase LE 5 comes with HALion One. Make sure you installed the whole content. REVerence is nit part of LE.

Thanks so much for the reply! I have installed everything I can find HALION-wise on the DVD many times. I don’t understand what I am missing. Any place in particular I can find it? Thanks!


Can you see HALion One in the Instruments list (Add Instrument Track)? Is the problem the Instrument itself, or the library (content)?

Hey! Yes I see it now in the instrument list! THe problem I don’t know how to use it. Like how to find or use Reverence, which is what I am looking for. I added a Halion track but still only see Roomworks SE for reverb options. It could be something really simple that I just don’t know maybe. Thanks so much for your help Martin!


As I said, REVerence is not part of Cubase LE, this is in the highest derivative Cubase Pro only. There is Rooworks SE only in Cubase LE. This ismcorrect.

Oh I see!! You had typed “nit”, which, though obviously “not” in retrospect, I thought might have been “nice”, which is ridiculous that i didn’t figure that out really haha. Wasn’t thinking properly sorry. Thank you so much, this bit of information was basically what I wanted to know. That is all then ha

Oh, I’m sorry for the typo (auto-corection to different language). :wink: