How to achieve this midi effect?

I’m trying to do note repeat using Arpache but the problem is it is affecting existing midi track data as well. I want the effect only on the midi input and it should get recorded as a repeat after which I’ll take out the effect. Is this doable?

In Cubase 8, you can now activate a “Record” button for the Insert FX. This effectively places the Insert FX Pre the MIDI Track (similar to the Input Transformer).

Unfortunately I have 7.5. Any solutions there?

(Well, you did post this in the Cubase 8 forum :wink: )…
You could try using a MIDI loopback, the first MIDI track routed from your keyboard, with Arapche inserted on the MIDI track, and the track’s output routed to the Loopback send, and a 2nd MIDI track (also record-enabled), with the Loopback return as its input., and the desired VST Instrument as its output.

Setup a miditrack or instrument track, Insert the midi note repeat plugin in the midi effects track and record your input. Job done.