How to achieve wow & flutter pitch bend LFO effect in Cubase


I was watching this tutorial… (can’t post links)

…And it got me wondering if Cubase has a similar way of easily controlling pitch bend using LFO or such, to create sort of a wow & flutter (tape delay) effect?

There seems to be a lot of different insert effects in Cubase. Any of those can help with that?

Hi and welcome,

What about to use Vibrato plug-in in Cubase?


Ah yes, I haven’t even thought about it. Thank you.

Even thought Vibrato insert has a limited amount of parameters, I will try and make it work somehow.

I am open to more suggestions on which other insert effects could spice up the sounds in Cubase to make it sound old-school and dreamy.


You can also use the DaTube, Magneto II, SoftClipper or Tremolo plug-ins.