How to activate Cubase Artist 11 when Download Assistant forcing Cubase Artist 12


I’ve just purchased Cubase Artist 11 with the USB e-licenser.

My computer is not compatible with Cubase Artist 12 so I specifically need to be able to run Cubase Artist 11.

When I enter the Download Access Code into the Download Assistant, it automatically “upgrades” me to Cubase Artist 12 - which is of no use to me as it’s not compatible with my computer.

I’ve watched some videos of the process to get an Activation Code, but I think the process has changed with Cubase 12 - the Download Assistant simply provides me with Cubase 12 and doesn’t even give me an activation code.

As such, I can’t figure out how to just activate Cubase Artist 11 - even though this is the product that I have purchased.

Any assistance in activating the license for Cubase Artist 11 would be greatly appreciated.

What is displayed in the Elicenser Control Center?

Hi Steve,

The E-licenser Control Centre just shows the serial numbers for the USB and Soft e-licencers - there are no licences visible.

Additionally, when I log into my account and check the ‘Products’ section, it says there are no products found against the E-licenser, but under ‘Show Steinberg Licensing-based products’ it says I have Cubase Artist 12.

I purchased the boxed version of Cubase Artist 11 that came with USB Licenser so I was expecting that I would be able to access version 11 rather than being forced to download 12 (which I can’t even install due to compatibility issues). It seems that with Cubase Artist 12, the activation process has changed, so while I can download 11, I can’t obtain an Activation Code for it.

Further to my above message, the box with the USB E-licenser has a Download Access Code. When I enter it into the Download Assistant, the above alert (as per screenshot) comes up and it automatically puts Cubase Artist 12 in the ‘My Product Downloads section’. It never gives me an Activation Code.

I believe I need to enter an Activation Code into the eLicenser Control Centre, but I can’t find a way to get the Activation Code. All I have is the Download Access Code that came with my Cubase Artist 11 box and dongle, but that’s for the Download Assistant and is not the right number of digits for the eLicenser (I did try it just in case but it doesn’t accept it).

I’m really confused as to how despite the paperwork in the box stating that it’s Cubase Artist 11 (which is specifically what I was paying for), it doesn’t let me follow the process to activate Cubase 11, but instead forces me to get Cubase 12, which my computer can’t run, with no apparent option to activate a license for Cubase 11.

I ended up getting help from Yamaha Australia. They liaised with Steinberg and obtained an Activation Code for me.