How to Activate monophonic mode in Cubase 11

Hi there everyone Great update,quick question.Can someone please tell me how to activate monophinc mode in Sampler track please.Thanks


There is the M button (in the circle) in the Sampler Tracks’ toolbar (more on the right side). You can find more details here in the manual.

Thank you Martin I searched diligently in the sampler tracks edit menu and I didn’t see that I was trying to replicate the results of Dom sigalas 808 tutorial in Cubase 11 thank you so much

In my sampletrack edit menu I don’t see that option of the “m button”


Maybe the size of the window doesn’t allow to show this button on your screen.

Thanks for reply …I click on the arrow on the upper right side to expand the window but I still dont see that button…Im wondering if there is a preference settings that will cause all the buttons to show?

[attachment=0]Sampler track Screenshot .Thank you Martin for your help.I just wanted to attach a screen shot so you can see what I see


Yes, the width of the window is not enough. Several buttons are missing, like Trim Sample, Revert to Full Sample, Reverse Sample, Monophonic Mode, Lock Parameter Settings, MIDI Reset and Transfer to New Instrument.

Good afternoonThank you Martin