How to activate multiple outputs in cubase le 6

Hey guys. I’ve been using cubase 5 for some time.
I recently purchased Yamaha MM6 and I got cubase 6 le with it. So I thought I should give it a try.
While I was working in LE6 I was not able to find vst instrument rack in device menu. I was trying to use ezdrummer’s multiple output but was not able to figure out how to achieve that. Can anyone please help me how can I use multiple outputs of an instrument in Cubase LE 6.

Sid: I don’t think there is an instrument rack or channel Batch export
with Cubase Le6, I could be wrong though. What you could do is Hi Lite
your EZ Drummer stereo Midi track, then go to MIDI>Dissolve Part
(Your Drums should now be on individual Midi tracks)—then
Export these midi tracks one by one back into your project
as audio tracks.

And remember to do this keep EZ Drummer’s mixer in Stereo mode
not Multitrack mode. :wink:

This trick always worked for me with Cubase Le4 :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the quick reply but this method is very ineffective.
If i have to change a drum part then i’ll have re-export and re-import each track again.
Also if I have two instances of ezdrummer then it’s gonna be pain in the neck to do it again and again.
Can you suggest something a little more effective for larger projects.
Thanks again for the reply.

[Sid: You said you have Cubase 5 – Just an Idea :bulb: :wink:

Sid: I use Toontracks Superior Drummer 2.0 (big brother to EZ drummer)
with no problems at all but I also use 'DRUMCORE FREE" which has
no multiple outputs from it. I use the Dissolve midi and export
method with it all the time. You might try Using your Cubase 5.

Yes the method I Described is time consuming but with a little
patience does work.

Jack :smiley:

PS: Cubase 5 has channel batch export and the Instument rack :wink: