How to Add a Custom Percussion Instruments to a Percussion Kit?

I’m trying to setup a Taiko sound library that has different drums (Odaiko, Chudaiko, Bachi Sticks, etc.) that don’t exist in Dorico’s standard library. I’ve added them successfully in the Library > Instruments. But, when I attempt to load them in Setup or add them to a percussion kit, Dorico seems to think about it and then does nothing.

I feel like there must be something about my custom instruments that isn’t setup correctly and I’d like to get help doing this. I created my custom instruments by creating copies of the existing Taiko instrument.

Is this a bug in Dorico or am I going about this incorrectly? Have other successfully created custom percussion kits from custom instruments?

I certainly have done this (albeit not for a while). I think the easiest thing you can do now is to post a video of your process.

This should certainly work. Are you able to share the project in which you’ve defined your custom instruments?

Thanks for your help :). I’m posting a short video showing my steps to recreate this problem. I’m also sharing my Dorico project. I’m grateful for any insights that may help me get this resolved. Thanks again!
Percussion Map Issue.dorico (3.4 MB)

Video link:

Before you try to pick the new instrument in the project, in the Edit Instruments dialog, select the instrument and click the star icon at the bottom of the list.

This will save that instrument to your user library.

Thank you Daniel, your suggestion got it to work. I didn’t understand that I’d have to ‘star’ the instrument in order to get it to register fully. I really appreciate your help!

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