How to add a list of instrument names next to the staff for percussion aux

I am having trouble finding a way to crate a drum key that could sit to the left of my auxiliary percussion part. I would love to know if there is a simple way to add that or something similar to take its place.

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I just had some info on this post but it was wrong so I’ve removed it! Will have a think and update if I get an idea!!!

This might be helpful (or not):

If you just want it in the Percussion layout and not the score, you could create something similar as a new flow and then display that flow before your first flow of music?

There’s no built-in feature for showing a percussion key in the margin, I’m afraid. Assuming you want to show this as a little picture of the staff with the various noteheads and staff positions shown on it, probably the best way to approach this would be to create a new flow containing only your percussion kit, and input each instrument and technique into that flow (use an open meter so you don’t have to worry about barlines etc.), then create a layout-specific music frame, either on the first page of your score layout or in an overridden front matter page prior to the first page of music, and show your flow in there.

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