How to add a new technique to an Expression Map


I have try to add a new technique for a choir.

How do you do this ?

It’s a bit awkward to enter note by number
Where can I find a table with the correspondance number/name

Can you change Dorico so we can enter note wit a letter and a number…

Thanks in advance for your help


You should find this chart helpful to figure out which note numbers to enter.

What technique are you trying to add that you’re having problems with?

Hello Daniel
Thanks for your answer.
I want to add new technique to make articulation switching in Realivox Blue.
Depending of the result, I will maybe later also add articulation switching for the other product of Realivox

Thanks for the chart, It will be much more simple to enter the note name :wink: can you add that to your todo list :wink: :wink: :wink:

Are you thinking to build a kind of Expression Maps for the text of the score ?



We plan to make it possible to define your own playing techniques, like the existing ones in the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode, so that you can create your own new ones and edit the existing ones. I can’t say when this will be done, however.

There is not a file that I can edit and add more playing techniques ?

No, there’s no supported way to expand the repertoire of playing techniques at the moment.

Hello Daniel
Do not forget that I have been programming for 30 years.
When I was young, I was able to patch printer driver in hex :wink:
My 1st program was on a Z80 in Hex

So I am not scare to edit an XML file, I will 1st backup the original in case I have problem