How to add a new time signature without snapping to the bar?


I would like to a add a new time signature without snapping to the bar. The tool “Snap” is not activated but when I add a new signature where I want, it automatically go the bar (not even the beat, the bar!). Yet, there is no problem with the “Snap” button disactivated because I can work freely off the grid for others manipulations

Any idea ?

Thank you!

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Hello, it doesn’t make sense to place a signature change elsewhere than on a bar line. That’s why it works this way. If you feel the need to place a new time signature “not on a bar” it actually means that the previous bar(s) should be longer or shorter, i.e. you should apply some signature change already before the place in question.


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In fact, I work on a short film. I compose several cues of music interpersed with silences. So when I begin a new cue, I need to add the new signature exactly where the music begings, no matter if I am in the middle of a bar of the previous signature.
It seems a little tricky and fastidious to make complicates signature during the silence, or modifications of tempo to be able to add a new signature exactly where I want. Since many films composers use Cubase, I would be surprised that Cubase does’nt have an easy way to do that ?

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Okay, now I see. So, you actually don’t want to add a new time signature but you want to shift a bar line to a specific time position. In such a case you should use Time Warp function which does exactly this. However, if I am right, Time Warp is included only in Cubase Pro.

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I will explore Time Warp (I work on Cubase 9.5 pro!, I will update my profile). But, yes, my idea is also to add a new time signature : for example, if my first cue was in 4/4 and my second cue is in 9/8, I leave the silence between the two cues in 4/4 and I add the 9/8 signature at the second cue (which can begin anywhere in the previous 4/4).

No problem, nothing stops you from adding a new time signature afterwards. But first you will have to move the barline by means of Time Warp :wink:


Hi Baché,
this video helped me a lot in the past.

You could try editing the tempo so your change falls on a bar line, and/or modify the time signature.

Thanks, that is a good video.