How to add a pickup bar

Not if they plan ahead.

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Completely stuck on this one…

how can I get rid of the orange time signature and keep the pickup bar?

I managed to bodge this when originally it was 4/4 but as I changed to 2/2 it all went pear-shaped.
I tried doing “shift - B” then typing in things like 2/2, -q1 and 2/2, -q3 and all sorts of other things - but I just can’t work it out at all -

As stated previously I simply cannot understand the methodology so every time till now I just try bits of text I’ve pickup up in the forum or in tutorials rather blindly until it seems to work - I’m clearly somewhat thick when it comes to software!!

Adding pick-up bars after starting the project can be a little tricky to get your head around, because it can involve barlines shifting around established music which can throw off your sense of direction.

This should be relatively simple:

  1. Delete the 2nd, selected time signature
  2. Select the first time signature at the start of the flow (i.e. to the left of “A”, pp)
  3. Press Shift-M to open the time signatures popover.
  4. Enter 2/2,0.5
  5. Press Return.

This should input a 2/2 time signature with a half-beat pick-up, i.e. a quarter note.

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Thanks so much Lillie - that works straight away. !

I can’t believe I can’t get this!!

I’ll remember to refer to this post next time, because wonderful as your explanation is - I just cannot see any logic how that entry works, it’s just gobblegook to me - but least I can mess around with the numbers until I get whatever it is I need next time.

Typically if I try applying what I think is the correct logic, I lose notes - or it shifts the whole damn thing across the bar, or very often absolutely nothing happens at all.

Thanks again

Hopefully the numbers do make sense. 2/2,0.5 means “create a time signature of 2/2, but start it with a bar that is 0.5 the length of the denominator of the time signature”. In this case, the denominator is 2, meaning a half note (minim), so a note that is 0.5 the length of a half note is a quarter note (crotchet).