How to add a rock drummer to my project?

I have add a single player to play the Drum Set (Basic) or Drum Set (Full). However, in either setting, only the the B3 is played no matter where the note is drawn in the percussion staff.

I will attach a few sceen shot.

another screen shorts

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 10.14.07 AM.png

You need proper mappings. I’ve started mapping the studio drummer Stadion kit here I don’t remember how far I got with it, but the basics should work.

Thank you. I have downloaded and had a look. It is in such a detail. May I know how to implement it in my project. For exmaple, I want to add a drum track to an existing Dorico project.

Have you loaded the plugins manually? If so then this suggests that you haven’t set the Percussion Map for the drum plugin you have loaded. If the plugin follows the GM drums standard then you can just set the percussion map to the GM preset. See:

If you re-apply the Playback Template (Play > Playback Template), then this will re-load the default HSSE plugin and sets up each instrument for playback, and then you can override settings from there.

Hi, Sir.

You drum map is the best I have ever seen. Have you ever programed any Cubase Drum Map for NI Abbey Road Series Drummers?