How to add a separate system for a chorus line containing two verses

Sorry folks I’m trying to learn how to use Dorico and I don’t have the terminology down yet - Meaning I’m in over my head…
Question - How might I remove the yellow highlighted section from that system and convert it into an independent system to represent a repeated chorus line, (two verses). I’ve spent hours reviewing the tutorials and I do not see what I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance :confused:

I’d say the easiest way is to switch to Galley View, and cut that music from its spot and paste it into the bars that follow (creating new ones if needed). Then hide the resultant empty staves, like this:

If you don’t wish “Hide empty staves” to be set for the whole layout, you can use Manual Staff Visibility to hide empty staves only in certain systems.

Feel free to ask earlier next time! :sunglasses:

Hello Dan
Next question I have is how to cut & Paste… I’ve reorganized the layout to simplify the task. I reviewed more tutorials and learned a bit more but still unable to cut and paste. I wanted to add a Text box to read - Couplet - but that gave me an override warning in the Engrave window.
Is it possible to first add the bars (4) first then copy paste the notes and lyrics into that?
Don’t assume I know anything at all - I’ll require a step by step explanation on how to make the moves.
There is so much to learn about how to use Dorico… This is going to take time, my best friend so far is the Undo operation. Would be cool if that worked like the one in Cubase.
Anyways… Appreciate your help.

  1. Switch to Galley View
  2. Click on the final barline and type Shift-B, 8, Enter to add 8 bars (or however many you want).
  3. For the portion you want to cut, click within the staff of the first bar, then hold down Shift and click inside the staff of the last bar to select all of it.
  4. Ctrl-X (Cmd on Mac)
  5. Click on the first bar of the new section to select it, and Ctrl-V

Thanks Dan for getting back to me so soon.
I would like to add the bars apart from the systems in place. just below the last system on p.3.
I plan on condensing the three pages down to two once finished.

Yes, I know. Did you do exactly what I posted?

Yes and what it did was, the bars were added to the last bars of the same system.
Let me try that again because I may not have selected the very last bar of page 3.

Now add a system break to send those new bars to the next system.

Is this the correct position to do this maneuver? I can delete the others and the do the system break. Will the bars have to be moved to p.3?

Next question - How does one implement a system break?

Hi Dan
I did as instructed in cutting and pasting but when I pasted into the new bars they went back as before they were cut. I’ll look up on how to do a system break and get back to you.

Just to let you know everything worked out - I experimented and ended up with what I needed
Thanks muchly Dan :slightly_smiling_face: