How to add a staff only for legends without being counted as music?

I am writing a percussion piece. The first measure is only to explain the pitch of the drums. I want to separate the first measure from the rest of the music by creating a gap. I also want to count measure 2 as measure 1. How do I do that?

Right-click>Bar numbers>Add bar number change

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Thank Janus, that worked.

Any idea how to separate the measure for Legend from the rest of the staff?

For example, If I have only three notes there instead of six, I could start music on the same row. In this particular case, I don’t want to see the bar line and 12/8 time signature at the end of the staff. I could create gap easily between bars with Sibelius. Can I do that in Dorico?

Another (perhaps better) option is to just use a separate flow for this, and then place a custom music frame at the start of your score.


I made exactly this in a Project not long time ago:
if you give me a moment I will recreate this and send an example…

(With new Player and New Flow and New Music Frame…): overkill? Yes but very flexible…

Here you go:

drums legend on separate flow.dorico (581.1 KB)

An be sure to assign this things correctly:


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You could create a Coda.

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Thank you everybody!