How to add "adjacent" CC information to an instrument?

Hello, I’m using Dorico 4.2, Windows 10. Because Noteperformer has such pronounced vibrato in the strings, I’d like to draw in CC data to reduce both rate (CC 105) and depth (CC 106). I opened up the midi editor for an instrument, added CC 106 information, but there seems to be no way to add information for CC 105. Every time I hit “add editor,” it simply takes me back to CC 106, which I’ve already entered. What am I missing?
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Further note: even if I complete delete the original CC 106 editor, and try to start again, the moment I hit “add editor,” there’s still no other choice.

You should find that when you click Add Editor, another lane is added below the current one in the Key Editor. Maybe the Key Editor is too small for you to see it? Try making the lower zone taller.

Daniel, thank you for taking the time to reply! When I click “Add Editor,” the drop down list blinks once and then re-appears. I don’t see a new lane. And I did make the lower zone as tall as possible (I also moved the project off my external monitor, since sometimes that can be a source of mischief with drop-down lists)… Any further thoughts?


Aha – I bet that’s the crucial thing. You should see a pop-up menu appear when you click Add Editor. If you’re not seeing that, it’ll be somehow related to your external display. Can you make sure the Dorico window is on your primary display and try again?

yes, I’m doing that now, no difference from the external monitor…

Clarification: When I click Add Editor, I DO indeed see the pop-up menu appear (regardless of which display). But what do I do then?

Aha, then you should go into the Add Automation submenu, then choose the desired MIDI CC value.