How to add Aftertouch Effects manually in MIDI data?


is it possible to add aftertouch effects to existing midi data in Cubase 5 ?

I’m recording music with a digital piano, but the piano has no aftertouch capability.
Now, for some violins or reed instruments I would like to add aftertouch effects.

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The best way is in the Key Editor…
Enable “Aftertouch” as a controller lane (you may need to click on the “+” near the bottom-left of the Key Editor, then on the arrow in the new lane that appears, then select Aftertouch from the pop-up), then just draw the events as you wish).

But isn’t this channel aftertouch. What if OP ment polyphonic aftertouch? Only way I have found to operate with these is Key Editor.

He didn’t specify, so I described the simplest (which I wrote was the Key Editor anyways :wink: ).
If he wants poly aftertouch, it is the same method, except that he has to create a lane for Poly Pressure, which then has a text field / pop-up menu on the left, where he chooses the note to which it is supposed to belong, or he can click on the vertical virtual keyboard.

I didn’t know that. And had a brain fart when writing key editor … should have written list editor. That’ the place I’ve been editing poly pressures. But thanks for the info.

EDIT: Just tried it. There it have been just before my eyes for years and haven’t found it. Thanks again, Vic.

Don’t worry about it… I have so many brain farts (big ones) that I need to get my studio fumigated! :laughing:
Btw, there is one thing I really miss from the old VST_5 days (where editing poly pressure was more-or-less the same)… when you clicked on a (single) note in the main body of the key Editor window, it automatically selected it as the active poly pressure lane for editing… as opposed to, now, having to select it from the vertical virtual keyboard, or the pop-up.

While on the subject of poly pressure… I know that this is the Cubase 5 forum… but editing poly pressure in Cubase 6 is an absolute joy, when using Note Expression :wink:.