How to add Agogo and Ratchet sound in Dorico projects?

I added an agogo to my groove homework however, the agogo or any other instrument I add would sound with the beep sound. Does anybody know how to get an agogo sound and a Rachet sound out of Dorico?

You want a VST instrument that includes them. Agogo is fairly common, ratchet less so. Hard to judge, from your question, how much information you need.

Hi Julio, the agogo is in Halion, but the percussion map is not complete so you have to add it manually.
Julio Agogo.dorico (463.4 KB)

Here is a dorico file with a drumset whit agogo. You can export the Yamaha XG Copy percussion map and use it for other projects.

The ratchet can I not find in Halion, so (suggestion) maybe you can use the Guiro sound for that.

Regards, Maarten

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