How to add an extra stave?

I just installed the trial version of Dorico and am trying to notate baroque lute scores (which is my primary focus). I don’t use ancient tab but rather the grand staff. So I figured I’d just create a 13 course baroque lute instrument and add a stave below the one provided. I right-clicking on the staff and found a lovely menu with that option in it, but the option was grayed out. How do I add a bass clef stave?

Add a staff and change the key in that new staff? I’m sorry if that sounds a little bit too obvious, but I guess it should work!
To insert that clef change, invoke the clef popover (shift b) and write F in the popover

Oh, might you be in Engrave mode? Change to Write mode then try it…(?)

I figured out before the mods ever approved my thread, but thanks guys. Another issue along the same lines, though. Now that I’ve got my treble and bass staves in place, I find that if I attempt to add a new measure to the beginning of the piece, it ONLY adds it to the treble staff! Measures added to the end affect both, but if i add one to the beginning it just leaves a blank space where the bass staff is supposed to go. What’s up with that?

The “add staff” is attached to the first beat of bar 1. If bar 1 becomes bar 2 then the “add staff” moves to the beginning of bar 2. Just cut and paste it from wherever it ends up to the start of the (new) bar 1.

The logic behind this is that if you’re using a single-staff instrument then the additional staff is an anomaly that you likely only want to show for a few bars. Generally speaking if you want a grand-staff instrument you’ll use one of the instruments that’s defined as grand-staff (piano, organ, vibraphone etc.)

Ok, that’ll do the job. I get that my use-case is unusual. Most people playing a 13 or 14 course lute use ancient tab, but I’ve long since evolved my own system using the grand staff.

You could just use a piano grand stave, rename it and change the sample.