How to Add Audio Track to multitimbral output

I know that is a particullar knowledge but… i can’t remeber this :wink:
I want to use Battery 3, I activated outputs in this plug, but… How to add Audio and MIDI Tracks to those channels in arranger?

I don’t know Battery 3, but it should be a simple matter of adding tracks and assigning them to your inputs, be they audio or midi. You activated the ouputs, now, just add your midi tracks or audio tracks in the normal way. When you activate your outputs, you will see them under VST Instruments Folder, you may have to rename them – Batt1, Batt2, etc.

If you want to work with Arranger Track, then just use it in the normal way and all your parts will conform to the Arrange Track’s chain settings.

There’s an activate ioutputs button in the inspector for instrument tracks or in the rack for rack instruments.

As soon as you activate additional outs their channels appear in the mixer and you can also click the little arrow on track list to show their automation lanes.

The midi tracks just add as normal and then select the instrument as their destination.