How to add bar rests independently

I have 1st Violins playing some notes during measures 51-54 and 2nd Violins play nothing between 51-54 bars. So I add bar rest 4 measures long on my 2nd Violins but it applies to 1st Violins too! Why? Where is logic? :confused:
So how to add bar rests independently to only one section?
And out of curiosity - why would it need to be the way it work by default?

Thanks in advance!

I cannot quite picture this. Are you condensing the two parts? Are you trying to have notes in one instrument and a multi-measure rest in the score below it? The expression “bar rest 4 measures long” is what confuses me.

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do, but:

If you add 4 bars to the score, with the B popover, then you are adding 4 bars to every instrument in the score. It doesn’t make sense for different instruments to have different numbers of bars in the score.

If you want the 2nd violins to play nothing for 4 bars, all you have to do is not write any notes in those 4 bars. That will be shown as a 4-bar multirest in the part automatically.

I figured it out. To enter notes independently for each instrument first you need to enter few notes for desired instrument on full score layout where all instruments are and only after this you can switch to layout of desired instrument and continue entering notes for it.

But if you already entered notes for one instrument and want to start entering notes straight into layout of the next instrument without entering notes for it into full score layout you’ll end up overwriting some stuff of previous instrument which can confuse a lot.

Why can’t it work when you want to start entering notes straight in layout of a particular instrument too? I think it should work both ways.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re describing, but it sounds a little convoluted. You certainly don’t need any such workarounds to simply begin entering notes in any staff or part.

Perhaps you have empty staves hidden? If so, switch to Galley View to enter your notes.