How to add bars after an open time signature section?

Can’t figure it out. Dorico insists on me adding a time signature to the open section. Any clues?

In an open Time Sig, there are no bars. But I believe you can manually add barlines if you want one. If you want to go to metered time after an open time section, then add the Time Sig after your open section.

This is totally logical. You can add barlines manually using shift-b, pipe symbol, where needed.

Sorry to tell you that neither of these work at all. The open time signature curently ends the flow and those techniques produce the error I posted. Not totally logical to me at all with respect.

Should I post a minimal working example?

A Project file is always helpful. But, I’m not entirely clear what it is you want to do.
Do you want to add more time to an open meter section?
Do you want to follow up with a metered section?
Something else?

I want to add bars after a current final open time signature section. Without this, I can’t finish the piece! So yes, I want to follow up with a metered section. Perhaps that is a more accurate description.

You can add more beats to the end of your unmetered bar with the bar popover: shift-b, 4q to add four quarter rests. Then, before the first quarter rest, shift-b pipe to add a barline; then shift-m to add a time signature to your new barline, and now you can add as many bars as you want.

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You should be able to select the final barline and type in a Time Sig. If this doesn’t work, then please post an example Project if you can.

We need to distinguish adding bars, and adding beats.

If you are in open meter, you can’t add a “bar” because there is only one bar… and that’s the one you are already in, and it doesn’t have a defined length. You can extend your current nebulous bar by adding a fixed number of beats; for instance: you could invoke the bars popover and type in “+8h” to get 8 half notes, or 16 beats, and rests would appear to fill the amount of time you’ve explicitly added.

Conversely, at the end of the open measure, you can add a barline of any sort, and then assign a meter and then add bars. You simply have to close the open metered section first, and determine a time signature.

If you’re having trouble adding at the end of the current flow, invoke the note entry tool, and arrow over to the right as far as it will go, and then you can enter your barlines/meters/bars etc.

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