How to add bars before the beginning of a project ?

Dear fellow Nuendo-users,

I made a music-project.
This project is beats&bars-based, and bar 1 starts at timecode 1.00.00:00.
Before bar 1 there is 1 bar of “empty space”.(tempo=100bpm)

My question:
I’d like to extend that empty space “to the left”…how can I extend it in a musical way, without changing the fact that bar 1 plays at timecode 1.00.00:00? How can I just add a (couple of) bar(s) before bar 0?

In other DAWS one can just grab the “project-start-handle” and drag it to the left, in order to create space before the actual project-beginning. After dragging that “project-beginning” to the left, a negative-bar-overview-appears: BAR -3, BAR -2, BAR -1, BAR 0, BAR 1 …and there my arrangemant starts…
I’ve been desperately searching for such a feature in Nuendo, but all I found was the PROJECT SETUP/START-menu-parameter combined with the PROJECT SETUP/BAR OFFSET-menu-parameter, but I think I’m looking in the wrong direction…

Any help appreciated!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I never tried but the “Bar Offset” in the Project Setup dialog is supposed to be the answer. It offsets the time positions in the ruler by a number of bars, allowing you to compensate for the Start position setting.

Have you tried ?

Thanks for your kind help Bernard,

I tried the option: PROJECT SETUP/BAR OFFSET, and added a couple of bars, with keeping my content on its bar position.
After that, the project wasn’t starting at 1.00.00:00 anymore (NUENDO didn’t automatically add time) so step 2 was to move the cursor to the very beginning of bar 1 and say: PROJECT SETUP/ SET TIMECODE TO CURSOR at 1.00.00:00 and that finally did the (simple) trick. At the end I had “my negative bar overview” together with an arrangement that starts at t.c. 1.00.00:00 (for sync purposes).

I understand that Steinbergs approach in adding space before the beginning of a project is very versatile, but I think, at the same time it’s less intuitive and maybe they have the will to copy the other-DAWS-feature of adding a project start- and end-handle which one can grab an drag…?

Niek/ Amsterdam.