How to add bars without splitting sound clips?

Using Cubase 8.5. I have learned how to insert or replace a bar using the tempo track editor and “process bars” dialog. This shifts all later events to the right accordingly. The problem is, it also splits all sound clips that overlap the affected bar, inserting silence, and often I do not want that. Is there any way to insert a bar (or replace it with a different time signature) that will shift only those objects that begin after the inserted bar, but not split the ones that begin earlier and overlap it? I.e., if a sound clip begins before the bar I am inserting, then I want it to stay in place and remain unbroken, with its end at the same distance from its beginning, but if it begins after the insert then it should shift. Or to put it yet another way, what if I want the shifting associated with the bar processing to affect only the beginnings of clips?

You can lock the tracks you don’t want affected by that function.

lock the events/clips that should not be affected(its done from the info line,)