How to add bracket for voice indication of whole notes?

When you use multiple voices per system and split a voice when writing whole notes or breves it would be nice to be able to add a little bracket like shown in the image to indicate what voice the middle note belongs to. Is this a feature that exists? I have looked around a bit but haven’t been able to find it. When using half notes or other notes with stems this is of course not a problem since the stem will indicate it but especially at the end of some choral pieces I’ve run into needing/wanting this.

Can you use the non arpeggio symbol? Select the notes -> shift+O -> type nonarpeggio

Oh, yes that was pretty much what I’m looking for. It gets placed a bit off compared to what I’m used to seeing in other chroal music but it could be fixed quite easy in engraving mode. Still wondering if there exists a feature intended for this specific use case though. While it may not be something that shows up most music it’s not entirely uncommon either. This is a great workaround though!

No, there isn’t yet a native feature dedicated to this. Btw, if you aren’t satisfied with the default thickness and hook length, you can change them globally in Engraving options -> Arpeggio signs. The placement needs to tweaked manually, though. Be aware that any changes you do in the score won’t be reflected automatically in the part.

That’s great! I’ll look into that. Thanks :smiley: