How to add chord rhythm?

The diamond notepads are just there to indicate the rhythm with which the chord symbols are to be played. I don’t really want ledger lines, just the diamond notepads floating under the chord symbols.
How do I achieve this?
(As you can see I’ve just added another voice, but its pitches belong to the staff which is not what I want)

Also, if possible:

  • I don’t really want slash notepads
  • I’d like shorter stems on the diamond noteheads

In Engrave mode, you can hide ledger lines. Would that help?


Thanks @DanielMuzMurray . Was also able to shorten the stems in Engrave mode too, by selecting the stems and using Option+arrow.
So, net result is that all the other chord symbols above that particular stave are now not so far distant above.
Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 15.10.55

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@iainH , I would find that very clear to read on the bandstand. Nice. (Set off the staff like that, standard note heads would probably be equally clear.)