How to Add Instrument Icons to Mixer??

This may seem like a silly question but how do you add the instrument icons to the mixer window? I saw a Cubase 8 tutorial on YT and he had a guitar icon above the guitar track and kick drum above the kick drum track etc…

anyone know how to do this?

Thank you in advance

See the Operation Manual Pg. 133.

First you need to enable track pictures in your mixer. You do that on top of your mixer in the upper left corner. Tick for “Track pictures”. A section in the mixer will open. Then click in the section and a gallery of icons will open. The gallery is devided in a factory and a user area. The factory area is a rater dull grey section while in the user area you can import pictures in color. While in the user area click on import and you will be prompted for the position of your picture.There are a lot of pictures available on the net and you can also do screen shots of your plugin. You will over time learn how to make usable screenshots. On the net search for icons for Logic pro (yes that is Logic and not Cubase but it does not matter, they are fully usable). There will be both graphical and pictures to download. Place them in a folder which you can access through the mentioned import procedure.