How to add loopsets in cubase right zone

Hello everyone
I just got a vst loopset of cubase
I can see it in media bay
Can anyone tell me why its not showing in the right zone of cubase
Is there any way that can help
Please help me guys…

are you talking about the tab called Loops & Samples?

if your VST loop set don’t show I would assume you would need to install it via the Steinberg Download Assistant, then go to the Steinberg Library Manager and check that it is installed in the correct path where this tab is looking for libraries

but then again, I don’t know what you have done so far - what loop set you have etc

Yes i am talking about the loops and samples tab.
Can you please tell me the file location that tab searches for?

this is how it looks for me… and all those I have there show in this tab

I tried moving my loop set to that location but its still not showing in loops and samples tab in the right zone😔

what loop set is it? are you sure it’s not part of Halion Sonic?

Loop set nu metal
Its actually showing in media bay but not in the right zone

so the way I do is:

I go to the Steinberg download assistant
pick download Nu Metal
once it is done downloading I press the “Open” button
then it will give this picture

from there you pick your options and it should work just fine

I have already tried this but still… its not there

I would try to uninstall and /or delete and try again because I don’t know any other ways to do it

Ok, thanks you so much!
I will try this
Anyway its there in media bay so it’s ok for me :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah, good luck. I know the feeling when things don’t work out the way it should :smiley: