How to Add Master Dry Bus


I have been looking all over the web, including Steinberg,net, youtube, Cubase 9.5 tutorials etc., for instructions on how to add a Master Dry Bus.

PLEASE post how to do this.

Thank You!!!


What in your opinion is a “Master Dry Bus”?
And maybe a hint about what software you are talking about…? :unamused:

A dry martini bus ?

Surely that should be a bus AFTER the dry martini??

Never drink drive and all that!!

Sorry, couldn’t resist, and Peakae started it anyway!!

Jim B

What exactly do you want to do? Routing channels to both an effect channel and a ‘dry’ channel?

He’s not answering, but I wonder if he is talking about how you handle inserts in Pro Tools. In Pro Tools the inserts are all post fader on the Master Bus, so many people will make a submix track so that you can add inserts both pre and post fader. Luckily in Cubase, you can do this with the stereo output. Just taking a guess here as he hasn’t answered questions for more information.