How to add Metadata to a Montage

Cool, thanks! Yeah I didn’t know if there was some psychoacoustic idea behind it. It’s an interesting idea for sure.

With the mixes I get I’m usually doing the opposite- not a lot of macrodynamics in a lot of diy indie + punk music, so often I’m making small momentary gain boosts to help accentuate a chorus or cool part. Usually to either help along the song or counteract some of my compressors’ macrodynamic leveling.

Hi Justin
I use your preset for my mp3 files for streaming. Thanks
Now they asked for a field “collaborating artists” . I have tried this by adding the CD text field Message, but it did not come up in the sesulting metadata.
Is that possible and if yes: How can I implement that in this preset ?


I realize this thread is a few years old…but I’m just discovering it after tearing my hair out practically the same amount of time. :rofl:
There’s a bunch of info here that I’ve picked up over the years and/or already knew…but the problem I’m having doesn’t seem to have a solution anywhere…at least that I can tell… and I’m hoping someone here can address it.
I’ll lay down the basics first and then describe my problem.

I’m using WaveLab Pro 9.5 on a 2019 iMac Retina 27", 3GHz 6 Core i5, 64GB RAM running Catalina 10.15.6.
I use Montage to make mix CDs for myself and friends.
I burn directly from the montage on a stand alone Super Drive.
I’m familiar with the CDText edit and its functions/fields.
In CD Text Edit, I give each disc a specific album name, usually a variant of the name of friend who the CD is going to.
In CD Text Edit, I rename or adjust EACH track’s name because sometimes the import name is kinda wonky.
In CD Text Edit, I edit the artist name on EACH track because…well… it’s a mix CD… and that’s kinda what mix CDs do. :rofl:
Stay with me because here is my problem… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
When I take the CD to the in car player (2014 Camry) ALL of the text edits I’ve made in CD Text Edit appear on the car display …except one. The name of the artist/performer is blank. Track is correct, album is correct… but no individual performer… NOW here’s the rub… if I make the artist/performer text the SAME across the entire CD… for example, each track is “The Beatles” (even though the track may actually be the Stones )… it shows up on my car display…on every track.

This makes ZERO sense to me… if the player is reading a field in one instance… WHY isn’t it reading it in another instance?

Someone… PLEASE help this simple minded music lover who just wants to share his love of music. :rofl:

Thanks so much in advance.

Without seeing a screen shot of your CD-Text entries, it’s hard to say but one thing I’d suggest trying is this:

Do you have a second CD player you can use to see if you get the same results as the 2014 Camry?

…wow… THANKS SO MUCH for the rapid response. I don’t have another CD player to check…but I know from friends that I’ve given discs to that they don’t see the artist either…but… if I may… it seems to me that it’s not a player issue … if I type in “Beatles” in the first entry and then click the CD Text Edit button that spreads the same artist info across each track… then I SEE “Beatles” in the artist spot… it’s ONLY when I have DIFFERENT artists that my artist segment is blank. Do you understand?


Let me see if I can get some shots to upload here… gimme a sec.

I understand the issue. I’d have to test this on my end to see if it happens with mixed artists names.

here are a few screen grabs looking at the editor’s first page… and the individual artists entries

…and this is how they look in the CD player in the car…

…here’s the change in the editor shots… followed by the newly burned CD… it’s just baffling to me…

It looks like the artist name is coming from the album section. Try this: leave “The Beatles” in the album section and put different artist names in the tracks and see what happens.

…Thanks for the suggestion!..but trust me, I have tried that :rofl: :rofl: :wink:…as the first 3 pics I posted show, something is jacked up… or I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing!


Try to read the CD text with another player, to see what you get…

…it’s been reported back to me that it’s not seen in others…but, like I mentioned, it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the player because it SEES the artist when the artist is the SAME across all tracks… it’s ONLY when I try to do individual artists for EACH track that I have the blank spot on the CD player display. It’s a mystery to me.