How to add MIDI to User Content so that it shows in Load MIDI Pattern?

I am unable to have my MIDI content show up in the Load MIDI Pattern window. I set the filter to User and nothing appears.

I dragged/dropped a folder of MIDI files onto the User Content folder in the Browser in Groove Agent. It notified me that it would copy the files into the folder in a location on my hard drive. I am using MacOS. I accepted this, and also confirmed in the Finder in the OS that the content was indeed copied. However, the content does not show in the Load MIDI Pattern window.

I also found a guide on Groove Monkee’s help site suggesting that subfolders are expected in the User Content folder (MIDI Files/User). I created these subfolders and put my folder of MIDI files in these subfolders (MIDI Files/User). It still doesn’t show in Load MIDI Pattern.

How is this done? This does not appear to be covered in the manual. It only mentions that it is possible to filter in Load MIDI Pattern to show user content, but there is no explanation of how to place the content so that it is recognized by Groove Agent as user content.

Bump. I did a full reinstall of Groove Agent 5, and also Cubase 11. I cannot see any content on the MIDI tab when selecting the User Content button. I dragged a folder of MIDI files in the folder called “MIDI Files” in the Browser. That MIDI Files folder is located in the User Content heading in the Browser.

When going to the MIDI tab there is nothing shown when I select the button to filter for User Content.

This is not explained at all in the manual. How can I view my own MIDI content in Groove Agent 5 in the MIDI tab when using the User Content filter?


Hi, I have the same problem.
And I have even a bigger problem with the fact that Steinberg did not answer you here!

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