How to add my Roland TD-27 drum module into the Cubase MIDI

Hi all,
I 'd like to ask for help. I have a Cubase 13 Pro and e-drums Roland TD-27.
My problem is, that I’m not able to install my external MIDI device (drum module TD-27) into the Cubase MIDI device manager. My module is missing in the list in Cubase and I don’t know where to find the import file (tried to google it, but no success so far).

My target (wish) is following:
I’d like to connect drum module via MIDI cable (5-pin) with external audio interface Behringer UMC1820.
UMC1820 to be connected via USB with Cubase. The purpose of this connection is to record drums (via UMC) and another external input (bass, guitar) in one shot together so I should get MIDI track fof drums and audio track for the rest.
I can record it like that but when I play recorded drum MIDI track, there is no sound. I think that the issues is that Cubes does not know how to play it (the bak with sounds) and I do not want to use of VST plug in. I wan to use direct sounds from my drums.
Therefore this question.

Do you have any advise for me please?
Thanks, Petr

There is no reason to set it up as a MIDI Device to use it as you describe. This is for if you have an external MIDI device that you want to make behave like it is a VSTi within Cubase.

All you should need to do is route the MIDI Track’s output to the MIDI Port your TD-27’s MIDI Input is connected to. You do this in the Track’s Inspector. The section Windows MIDI should show all your physical MIDI Ports. If you don’t see it here, then it is because Windows isn’t seeing it. But I expect you’ll find it there.

Thank you for your quick reaction.
But this is exactly what I would like to have.

The MIDI outputs from your screen are not visible in my case. Cubes provides me only one possibility which is TD-27.
BTW: Itried following…
Module connected with Cubase via USB.
New MIDI track with input from TD-27, Channel 10 (mentioned in manual).
Output - and here I dont have othre possibility - TD-27 and channel 10 also.
Cubase is able to record MIDI track And when I play it I can hear that (phones in Module 27) but I can’t work with IT. Render in Place doesnt work, audio export provides wav where Is nothink. Somethink is wrong…

Your MIDI connection is set up correctly, it seems. You can record MIDI and see the recorded notes. When you play back, the MIDI gets sent to your TD-27 and you can hear the drums playing in your headphones that are connected directly to the TD-27.

You’re doing it all correctly. Now, on playback, you want the audio from the TD-27 to come into Cubase, and it isn’t going to do that unless you either a) run audio cables from the output of the TD-27 into your UMC and record… or b) set up the TD-27 to route audio over USB. To do that, you have to change the driver to “vendor mode” in the TD-27 settings. You also have to briefly use the TD-27 as your audio device in Cubase. You can change it back to the UMC afterwards.

Maybe this video will help:

Stay away from creating an external MIDI device via Cubase’s MIDI device manager, for now. Delete the one you created, in fact… for now… until you get a handle on how your TD-27 works and how you can route audio from it. My guess is that you are going to want to just record MIDI first from your TD-27… and afterwards edit the MIDI in Cubase… and THEN have the MIDI from Cubase trigger your TD-27 module’s audio and simultaneously record that audio into Cubase.

If I were doing this, I would use a VST for the drums, temporarily, while I’m editing the MIDI in Cubase… and afterwards route it back to the TD-27 to do the drum audio recording bit.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

First of all - I have the module in vendor mode (I used this video a couple of days before I posted my issue).

You mentioned: a) run audio cables from the output of the TD-27 into your UMC and record…

What do you mean by that? Just use two audio cables and connect it from Master OUT L/R to UMC In 1 and 2 (for example?).

You’re almost right - I would like to prepare the connection so I can do a simultaneous recording of my drums and another instrument (bass, guitar). Let me say to do the same I can do with acoustic drums (all mikes and mono signals through UMC audio interface to Cubase). But due to the reason that Cubase can use only one USB driver → I have to connect my module to UMC via MIDI 5-pin cable (because then I can use it for split to multitrack and mix later) and UMC by USB with Cubase.

So my thoughts were that we will play and record together (drum MIDI + bass audio). When it’s done, I will disconnect UMC and start editing of my MIDI only (change to audio and mix).

But my roadblocks are:

  • When I connect module and Cubase via USB, I can record MIDI and listen to it via headphones (from module), but it is not solving my issue. There is no way I can record the next instrument simultaneously.
  • When I connect module with UMC via 5-pin MIDI and UMC with Cubase via USB: I can record MIDI, but I can’t hear it when playing because Cubase provides me with only one MIDI output: UMC.And this means that bass man (for example) would not be able to hear my drums during playing if you understand me.

So it’s really not good :slight_smile: Low skill on my side :slight_smile:

Well, it seems like the problem you’re running into is trying to do all this at the same time, record bass, etc.

Typically when you run an external MIDI instrument, like a synthesizer for instance, you connect its audio outputs to a mixer, and the mixer to your speakers and headphones. You also have your computer’s outputs connected to the mixer. This way you can hear everything you’re doing all at the same time. Your bass player can hear that too. It is only AFTERWARDS that you then record the output of the synthesizer into your DAW, onto audio tracks.

The TD27 module, however, can also act like a USB audio device so you can just select it as such in Cubase. (Although, doing this disconnects it from your UMC. In MacOS, however, you can use both at the same time. I’m not sure about Windows.) That’s when you need to play back your track in Cubase, send the pre-recorded drum MIDI track out to your TD27 (via 5-pin MIDI or USB, I think), and also record the sound of your TD27 into Cubase. You just set up a stereo audio track, arm it to record, and make sure the input of that track is the TD27’s USB inputs. There will be several choices of those.

Or, again, just do this all with your UMC and the TD27’s line out.

Do note that the TD27 can also send individual drums to separate channels over USB, so you could multitrack record your drums from the TD27. (i.e. a separate audio channel for kick, snare, etc.)

I hope that makes sense.

To come back to the original question:

As others stated already, for your use-case you don’t need to have a MIDI Device defined.

You will need two midi connections for this. One for transmitting MIDI from the drums to Cubase (via UMC), the other one for transmitting MIDI from Cubase to the TD-27.
If you use USB instead of 5-pin both directions will be handled by the same cable.

My first guess would be that you only use one midi cable instead of two. Am I wrong?