How to add new BBCSO Piano

I just acquired the BBCSO Professional piano. I was wondering if anyone might know how do I add it to my BBCSO pro orchestra in the Note Performer playback engine? It doesn’t show in the add instruments list.

It will be available in the upcoming NP 4.2 update.

Oh wonderful, thanks for the info.

I have it but it plays back a strings sound! It also only plays back one stave even though it says two. Anyone any idea how to fix it?

You should probably make sure the instruments in Setup mode really are what they show they are — this often happens when importing XMLs. Go to the instrument tiny menu > Change instrument>Piano. Under the hood, something might have changed. Now you can reapply your NotePerformer Playback template (so that all the routing, and the expression maps settings are correctly executed) and it should work as expected. Hope it helps!

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Thank you Marc for your help and your ability to think outside the box to determine what’s in the box! It is indeed an XML conversion so I was very hopeful of success but I’m not there yet. I did the ‘change instrument’ in Set Up mode but that didn’t work. I then created another piano and copied all the music into it, deleting the original piano. But I have the same problem - the BBCSO Pro Piano still plays a violin, including the lower stave not playing anything below G3. If I switch to Cinematic Studio piano I have no problem getting the correct playback but I was wanting to hear the difference between the pianos. Will keep experimenting. I’ve tried closing everything down and starting again (except the computer - perhaps I’ll try that too). As you say - something is not routing correctly. I’ve also tried setting playback template to ‘Silent’ then reverting to Note Performer template. Perhaps I should email Arne…

I really don’t get it. I tried on a file of mine the day 4.2 was out, and it worked perfectly… If you want to share the file with me, I’ll be glad to try and understand what’s going on :person_shrugging:

Marc - more than happy to share the score - here attached. Any thoughts most welcome. It was an XML conversion from Sibelius and if needed could also share the Sibelius file.Let me know if that night help. In fact I just tried applying the BBCSO Pro Piano to the Noteperformer in the original Sibelius file and got exactly the same problem!

Porgy and Bess Suite full score.dorico (2.72 MB)

Porgy and Bess Suite full score.dorico (2,7 Mo)
No problem for me (except cello was a section, so I moved it to a solo player). Using BBCSO, I have violin 1 solo, cello solo and piano, as expected.
Of course, I had to add it to my NPPE loaded instruments, that process is totally disconnected from Dorico. NP only triggers through NPPE the instruments that are loaded (or to be loaded), the other instruments are played by its own sounds.

I also had to change the cello from section to solo even though I had selected solo - strange. I think that as the file is OK and I got the same result from the original Sibelius file, perhaps I should re-install 4.2, as there seems to be a very specific problem with it. If that doesn’t work I’ll put it to Arne. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

I’ve now re-installed NotePerformer 4.2 and tried a piano in a recently written score in Dorico and have the same problem - piano plays violin. Screenshot attached. I think I’ll have to email Arne.

All best


I don’t get it. How did you select solo? With dorico and NotePerformer, you need to have a solo player, it’s not something that you set after the fact in NotePerformer (not if you want it to perform ok with NPPE at least).
Have you tried the file I’ve sent you? Does it work ok on your system?

I just opened your file and although it seemed to work fine with the piano sound, I realised that I already had CSP piano in the NPPE selection so I changed it to BBCSO Pro Piano and it played back the violin sound again. Regarding selecting solo instruments it seems clear in the BBCSO list that I can select solo or section strings but there’s only one piano, of course. Did you mean for the strings? All the other BBCSO instruments work perfectly for me but piano is the new addition and doesn’t seem to exist for me yet.

And using NotePerformer on its own plays normal piano, it’s only the BBCSO piano that doesn’t work yet.

I have BBCSO Pro and the piano included works fine. Very odd.

Problem solved - my ignorance I’m afraid. When the BBCSO Pro Piano appeared on the list within BBCSO Pro in NPPE I just assumed it was there. I now of course realise that you have to buy it separately, which in hadn’t. In fact I probably won’t, as I’m happy with the piano I had already bought in Cinematic Studio. I was curious to hear the difference. Thank you for your help and apologies for my misunderstanding.

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