How to add nodes for automation?

Here’s what I’d like to do but can’t figure out a good way:

A) Select a range of automation (e.g. reverb send) with range tool.

B) Create 4 nodes, 2 on each end of the range selection

C) Select and LINK both INSIDE nodes for editing (the outside nodes do not change so that send levels do not change)

D) Edit both nodes by moving the nodes up a few dBs (to add more reverb) WITHOUT the mouse (arrow keys? AI knob?)

Does this communicate what I’d like to accomplish? Just trying to find a better way rather than, adding 4 nodes with the pencil tool, selecting the two inside nodes and adjusting it with a mouse.

That does it. Thanks. But would be nice if we could simply hit a modifier key in range mode, drag the section up/down and the nodes are created/etc.

Or use the automation line tool.

Automation line tool? Where is that? Can you reference the manual?

You have a variety of tools available for drawing automation (line, curves, square etc). Use the line tool and just draw a line - very fast in practice.