How to add reverb to JUST a single drum in Groove Agent

Hello! First of all, I’d just like to say that I recently upgraded all the way from Cubase LE 4 to Elements 9.5 along with a recent computer upgrade, and I’m very pleasantly surprised by how easily transferring my old projects has been. Well done on the backwards-compatibility front.

But as for the question at hand - as I’m learning the ins and outs of Groove Agent, I’m left wondering how I can go about adding an effect (in this case gated reverb) to a single drum (in this case, the snare). Could someone walk me through that process? Thanks!

  1. Select a Pad (sample assigned, snare in this case)
  2. Select the Amp Tab
  3. Send some level to an Aux (1-4)
  4. Go to the Mixer Tab
  5. Select the AUX tab and apply the effect from drop down list of choices.

Now, when you use that drum pad, the effect is part of the sound.

You can automate the State of the Effect, so you can turn it on for some parts of the track and off for others. You can also automate the amount of level sent to the Aux, the Aux Level itself – almost anything in GASE can be automated. (I think this works for Elements as it does in other versions, but I don’t know Elements well).

If you are talking about Groove Avent SE - assign the different pads to different outputs and activate them in the VST instrument rack.

In this video, the presenter applies an effect to one element of the drum beat.