How to add staff for new vocal line in a section of a song in Dorico Elements 4

I am writing a musical, and I’m in the process of creating my piano arrangements in Dorico with vocal lines and harmonies. In several songs, I need an additional staff with a vocal line for a section of the song. I know how to add a vocal line throughout the entire song, but I literally just need this additional vocal line for 8 bars for the song I’m currently working on. I hope Dorico Elements 4 is capable of this. Thanks!

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Adding extra staves and ossia staves is not possible in Dorico Elements. However, if you open a project that already contains them then they will be shown.

Have you tried the trial version of Pro? If you have already tried it and the 60 days has passed, you’re welcome to send me the project and the location where you want the extra staff added and removed and I will do it for you.

Actually, it seems as though if I add and remove staves, you can then copy/paste the signposts where you need to.

Ruthanne, I am not at my computer, but you could add the extra staff/player - and then exclude it from all flows you don’t need it.
And in the flow it’s needed, use the right click context menu ->Staff->Manually Show/Hide, where you on a system base can show and hide this staff/player.

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If the vocal part is empty everywhere else, apart from those 8 bars, then you can simply use the Layout Option to hide empty staves.

Just make sure the vocal player is also included in the same layout as the piano.