How to add Tempo changes in a project?

Hello fellow Cubase users,

I’m using Cubase 9.5 Pro.

Here’s how I do it and the problem I now face…

I have imported a song into a Cubase Project where I want the Cubase metronome to follow the exact tempo of this song. This song is originally not recorded with a click track, so the tempo changes a bit from bar to bar… It’s like it’s moving up & down between 120 BPM & 126 BPM… (just as an example).

So, for this to work I have worked out a way where I play the song through and manually record a “midi snare” to the tempo of the song. This is working out quite good actually. I’m using EZDrummer 2 and a midi controller where I manually hit a key to the tempo of the song.

This will not become “a perfect click track” (but still pretty accurate!) since getting it perfect this way would be pretty much impossible. But, then when that manually recorded “midi snare” is finished I then open that midi file and manually correct any mistakes by looking at the wave-form of the imported audio file (the song) and usually adjust all the snare hits to the “high transients”, etc (“spiky things” in the wave-form). Yep, very tedious work :lol: and takes an hour or more… But also very rewarding since it let’s you get an almost 100% perfect “midi click track”.

As a last step to get the Cubase metronome to follow the tempo of the song I simply render the midi file to an audio file. Then highlight that “audio click track” and choose “Tempo Detection”. Usually this works perfectly! But… And here comes the problem I’m now facing!!

Most songs are okay with that approach but I stumbled upon a song that has a “tempo change” in the middle of the song. So first it’s a rather slow tempo with acoustic guitars, but then when the drums, electrical guitars, etc comes in the “tempo” increases but not like twice as fast, just a bit faster… But the Tempo Detection didn’t "recognize the tempo change and simply choosed the faster tempo for the whole song???

Did I use Tempo Detection wrongly in Cubase?

//Thanks for any help, I’m hoping there are ppl here that have worked this out before? I’ve read the Cubase manual and checked YouTube-videos…